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Ensure vs Insure


  • ‘Ensure’ (verb) means ‘make something certain to happen’.
  • ‘Insure’ (verb) means ‘protect something (or somebody) against risk’.

What’s the difference between ‘ensure’ and ‘insure’?

Not only do these words look similar, but they also sound similar. They are frequently confused in writing, including in academic texts.

A tip to distinguish them is that you ensure that something desirable will happen in the future (e.g. an event or outcome), but you most often insure someone or something against something bad (like risk or damage).

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How they’re used

Example sentences with ‘ensure’

  • The authors sought innovative solutions to ensure gender equality.
  • There are several ways to ensure financial stability in modest populations.

Example sentences with ‘insure’

  • One goal of federal policy is to insure young adults against deprivation.
  • Support was implemented to insure farmers against extreme droughts.