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Lead vs Led


  • ‘Lead’ (verb) means ‘guide or conduct’. ’Lead’ (noun) refers to a type of metal.
  • ‘Led’ is the past tense/participle of the verb ‘lead’.

What’s the difference between ‘lead’ and ‘led’?

  • The difference between the two is that ‘led’ is the past tense and past participle of the verb ‘lead’. When the two are confused, it is often due to ‘lead’ being incorrectly used in the past tense (similar to the past tense ‘read’, for instance).
  • Another confusing factor is that ‘lead’ may also be used as a noun, referring to a very heavy and poisonous metal. With that meaning, it is pronounced the same as ‘led’.

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How they’re used

Example sentences with ‘lead’

  • The motivation to lead could be attributed to various personality traits.
  • Exposure to lead is a serious public health concern.

Example sentences with ‘led’

  • Research led to substantial changes in clinical practice.
  • This led to an increase in the number and size of cells.